Staying Secure

The National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) is a non-regulatory government agency that focuses on policies, processes and standards for technology and scientific organizations. Compliance to NIST cybersecurity standards is required for Department of Defense (DOD) contractors and sub-contractors. Federal agencies may include specific security requirements in an RFP or contract, however a best practice for firms is generally to be compliant with NIST cybersecurity standards.


Aspell Services, Inc. strives to continuously improve our security posture. We are constantly monitoring our compliance with the NIST framework. The ongoing process allows us to be agile in addressing cybersecurity risks. The effectiveness lies in the framework’s use of business drivers to guide cybersecurity initiatives. Aspell Services, Inc. has taken steps to ensure we are secure for our clients,

partners, vendors and contractors in the government and private sector by routinely accessing risk and aligning the NIST framework with our strategic initiatives.

  • IDENTIFICATION of our current risk profile.
  • Implementation of protocols to PROTECT our systems and data.
  • Implementation of protocols to DETECT breaches and issues
  • Utilize policies and action plans to effectively RESPOND to any issues
  • Execute a back-up and RECOVERY plan
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