About Us

Our Vision

Aspell Services, Inc. is a high performance organizational, leadership, and human capital development firm that believes the greatest resource is a workforce that is emotionally, cognitively, and conatively integrated, inspired, and balanced. Aspell Services, Inc. helps build teams that collaborate, cooperate, and that capitalize on the diversity of talents, skills, and perspectives. With a strong foundation of diverse talents and perspectives, optimum productivity and effectiveness can be achieved. The success of a company is aligned with the Emotional IQ, Cognitive IQ, and Conative IQ of its leadership and workforce. Using Six Sigma, Lean, Project Management, and Strategic Planning methods, Aspell Services, Inc. helps you define, measure, analyze, improve, control, and plan adjustments in your company vision, values, strategies, and goals.

We have done extensive research on how awareness, development, and maintenance of personal attributes impact human performance. The alignment between classical logical reasoning and modern critical thinking guides strategic planning and the successful management of projects. We have also co-authored, designed and developed numerous Human Resource training materials that are published by Simon and Schuster/Wiley/Jossey-Bass/ Pfeiffer Publishers, Human Resource Development Press, and Lifewings, Ltd.


Our mission is to provide the most effective Quality Management and Project Management solutions to empower clients to accomplish their goals. After listening and understanding where clients are and where they want to be, fulfillment of our vision is in designing processes that help clients reach their goals.





Empowering Relationships

How we Succeed

Accountability  We maintain integrity and responsibility for listening to clients and facilitating the best quality and project management services to accomplish their goals.

Awareness  We maintain heightened awareness of the client’s personal and organizational experiences to anticipate and address gaps and impediments, thereby ensuring project success. 

Adaptability  We empower stakeholders to communicate with authenticity, think critically, and wisely maintain alignment for project completion.

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